Find References 2 – The Beginner’s guide

Find Reference 2 is the state of the art tool for analyzing deep asset dependencies and instantly optimize your projects.

FR2 show asset usage in the Project panel so you will know immediately how many times an asset being used. So simple but many of our customers said this little number give them the absolute confident on whether an asset is in use or not that they can not live without!

FR2 shows asset dependencies on selection so select any asset in Project panel to see all the hidden references to other assets inside. It works with all kind of assets (prefabs, sprites, sprite-atlas, animators, animations, controllers, materials, shaders, textures, … all of them) and support multiple selection as well

FR2 does inverted references tracking as well (and it’s blazing fast, say, instantly) so you can see immediately which assets are using the selected one (and how it’s being used)

FR2 shows all assets that not being used anywhere in just 1-click so you can just remove them all. It’s absolutely safe and no more legacy assets cluttering your projects from now on!

FR2 detects duplicated assets even if it’s being renamed or buried deep inside subfolders and let you choose which one to keep. You can now delete all the duplicate ones without worrying about a single reference missing!

Part 2 – Find Reference 2 – Scene References

Guide to Modularize your old and big Unity project

We are working on the details guide with step by step and image based. In the mean time, here is the overview guide

  • Select a scene or a prefab, FR2 will show the list of all assets being used by that scene / prefab
  • Select group by asset type and right-click on each type label to select the assets you want to move
  • Check to remove the shared assets from the selection
  • Create a new folder for that asset type, hit commit selection and move the selected assets to the folder you want
  • Continue until you finish moving assets to folders
  • You will now have a clean isolated module ready in the folder structure you wanted

The complete guide to optimize your build size

We are working on the guide with details and images. In the mean time, here is the overview guide

Use FR2 to remove unwanted assets from a scene

  • FR2 list all models prefabs, materials, textures, shaders, scripts… being used in the selected scene
  • You can then group by type or extension to see if there are any unwanted assets being accidentally included in the scene
  • Select the unwanted assets one by one to see which component in the scene referenced that asset and chop down the connection if needed
  • The unwanted assets are now excluded from build because nothing in the scene have references to them

Use FR2 to group placeholder assets and remove only in final build

  • There are times when you need some assets during edit time for easier aligning or editing but may not want those assets to be added to the final build
  • Using FR2 to select the scene you will now see a list of all assets being used by that scene
  • You can then select all the placeholder assets that you don’t want to include in the final build and move them all to a specific folder
  • You can then delete that specific folder just before doing a build and restore it once the build complete
  • Enjoy the best of both world, easy edit time and small build size

FR2 spot duplicated assets in AssetBundles so you can split up and reduce AssetBundle build size

  1. Fact is if an asset is used by 2 assetbundles it will be duplicated and included in both assetbundles
  2. FR2 show you how many times an asset being used and by which assets
  3. You can then assign a new assetbundle tag for the assets that being used by multiple Assetbundles assets so it won’t be duplicated in each assetbundle
  4. Your assetbundles size are now optimal

Clean up asset references not only help decreasing build size but also lower scene & prefab complexity which in turn resulted in a faster scene or prefab load

Find References 2 – Guide to Scene References

This is the part 2 of the Find Reference 2 ‘s guide. If you haven’t read the first part of the series head to Find Reference 2 – Beginner’s guide

Find References in scenes is the most requested feature of FR2 of all time. Just select any GameObject in Hierarchy panel, in tab Used By, you will see immediately the who use me, aka, which components are referencing to the selected GameObject?

FR2 also show the list of all components being referenced by the selected GameObject, the one I use who in the scene, aka the ones the selected GameObject have references to?

FR2 showing assets references for Scene Objects as well. So select a GameObject in the Hierarchy panel, you will also see, in the FR2-Asset panel, which Assets being used by the selected GameObject.

FR2 shows asset usages in scene as well, so just select an Asset in the project panel and see immediately where it’s being used in the opening scenes.